Barrel Oak

About Us

Inspired by the past, built for the future.

SEGUIN MOREAU continues to build on nearly two centuries of tradition and more than three decades of pioneering oenological research, consistently delivering top-quality oak for wineries’ barrel programs.

Aging in the barrel is a key step in the production of great wines and spirits—the barrel is a true oenological tool. It is an essential transforming element, taking the best of the wine’s fruit and lifting it with a harmonious complexity. Oak integrates and softens the naturally aggressive tannins of wine.

The barrel is porous yet tight grained, allowing for minute amounts of oxygenation and evaporation. The exchange between the outside air, the barrel, and the wine allow for a rounding of tannins and a developing of aromatics, both of which bring finesse to the finished wine.

SEGUIN MOREAU is committed to sustainability—from forest management to cooperage practices. In 2010, the cooperage introduced CarbonNeutral barrels, reducing the process’s carbon emissions to net zero.