Seguin Moreau History

Set up in 1870 and 1838 respectively, the SEGUIN and MOREAU cooperages were joined in 1970 under the auspices of Remy Martin. The Cognac cooperage was entrusted with their barrel production.

The Merpins site, near Bordeaux in the area of Cognac, was opened, though production not fully utilized, and managers took the opportunity to expand production of barrels for top-quality wines, a rapidly developing market.

Since the early days, SEGUIN MOREAU has sought to combine the best of traditional craftsmanship with the most cutting-edge scientific research and development.

The coopers still carry out the same traditional tasks by hand, though aided by mechanization and automation of certain tasks. The cooperage has partnered with universities worldwide on groundbreaking research and maintains a full-time research laboratory.

Today, the cooperage encompasses three production sites worldwide, two seasoning yards and two integrated stave mills (in France and in Missouri). Complete control over the production process means consistent control of the oak’s quality from the tree to the finished barrel.