Celebrating Chardonnay Day

May 24, 2012. Finally. It’s one of our favorite days of the year: Chardonnay Day.

Rick Bakas has helped coordinate wineries and wine lovers around the world, all for “the third annual global celebration of the Chardonnay grape.”

This year’s celebration is especially noteworthy. 2012 makes it 100 years that the grape has been grown in the United States. In 1912, the Wente family brought vine clippings from France to California.

Whether oaked Chardonnay, unoaked (Gasp! Almost a dirty word at a cooperage), slightly oaked, and every possibility in between, we here at Seguin Moreau Napa Cooperage love seeing and tasting the wines our partner wineries craft.

Today we’re highlighting Robert Young Estate Winery in the Alexander Valley (Sonoma County).

Robert Young has his own claim to fame: he was among the first winegrape growers in the Alexander Valley to take out prune orchards for Chardonnay vineyards.

Today Kevin Warren and his winemaking team make several different Chardonnays, from small vineyard lots, culminating in the Barrel Select Chardonnay. The wine, a rich and delectable Chardonnay, is 100% Clone 17 Chardonnay and is aged in 100% new French oak. Bourgogne Grand Cru barrels, to be exact.

These barrels are very tight grain French oak and are designed for oak integration over longer periods of time. They add complexity with layers of toasty aromatics and a rounded, creamy and luscious mouthfeel.

For the finished wine descriptors, we can’t say it better than the Robert Young team: “Barrel Select is an enormous Chardonnay- smoky vanilla, guava, pineapple, nectarine, honeysuckle, almond, with the creaminess and slight tart of Greek yogurt.”


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