Chardonnay in the ICÔNE barrel

After a flurry of catchup after the Unified Symposium, we are off and running for February.

While our R&D team designed the ICÔNE Elegance barrel for full-bodied reds, we have winemakers worldwide trying it in different ways to fit their barrel programs and winemaking style.

At Baileyana Winery on the Central Coast of California, winemaker Christian Roguenant focuses on Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. There he’s discovered a fit with ICÔNE and one specific wine.

He makes three distinct Chardonnays: El Gordo in a rich, concentrated style, Firepeak Cuvee in a California style with a French touch, and the S-Bar, which is more influenced by the French style. The S-Bar, for Select Blocks and Rows, sees only ICÔNE barrels for delicate aromatics and subtle sweet oak.

Hear what Christian has to say about the wine:

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