In the News

April 2016 – Wines & Vines

“Product Focus: Oak Barrel Alternative Products”, Andrew Adams


March/April 2016 – Vineyard & Winery Management

“Best Wine Industry Suppliers 2016”


March 2016 – Wine Business Monthly

“Second Annual Innovation+Quality Awards—Barrel Stave Selection by Phenolic Chemistry”


December 2015 – Wine Business Monthly

“Homogenizing Oak Barrels”, John Intardonato


August 2015 – Great Northwest Wine

“Basalt Cellars succeeds with sales of old vine Cab oak trials”, Eric Degerman


June 2015 – Practical Winery & Vineyard

“Correlation between wood extractives and sensory perception in oak-aged wines”, Andrei Prida


May 2015 – Wines & Vines

“Buena Vista Winery: Extensive Renovation of the ‘White House of California’s wine industry”, Andrew Adams


April 2015 – Wines & Vines

“Specialty Tanks Encourage Oak Extraction: Suppliers offer more products, equipment and toasts for oak barrel alternatives”, Andrew Adams


April 2015 – Wine Business Monthly

“Oak Add-in Trials”, Paul Franson


March/April 2015 – Vineyard & Winery Management

“Best Wine Industry Suppliers 2015”


February 2015 – Wines & Vines

“Strong Barrel Sales Herald Strong Industry”, Andrew Adams


February 2015 – Wines & Vines

“Product Focus: Barrel Stave Analysis”, Andrew Adams


February 2015 – Practical Winery & Vineyard

“Barrel alternatives supply oxygen to wines during élevage”, Alexandre Pons, Andrei Prida, Benoit Verdier, Philippe Darriet and Denis Dubourdieu


January/February 2015 – Vineyard & Winery Management

“American Oak Supply Puts the Squeeze on Coopers”, Sean P. Sullivan


January 2015 – Wines & Vines

“Top Winemakers to Speak at Oak Conference: Feb. 11 event and trade show to cover barrels, add-ins, cleaning, seismic safety”, Jim Gordon


January 2015 – Wine Business Monthly

“Seguin Moreau Napa Cooperage Appoints Greg Sitton as Sonoma Sales Territory Manager”


January 2015 – Wines & Vines

“New sales rep for Seguin Moreau”


January 2015 – The Timber Network

“The high cost of the dollar, a problem for the French oak barrel market?”, RW/Fordaq


October 2014 – Drink Me Magazine

“Wood Arts & Cask: Coopering a Whisky Barrel”, Rachel Barth


July 2014 – Munchies, Vice Magazine

“Getting Blazed With a Napa Valley Master Cooper”, Hillary Eaton


July 2014 – Vineyard & Winery Management

“Large California Harvests Create Capacity Crush: Tank and barrel suppliers turn away orders”, Sean P. Sullivan


June 2014 – North Bay Biz Journal

“Over a Barrel”, Jane Hodges Young


May 2014 – Wine Business Monthly

“Choosing the Best Barrel for Your Wine Program”, Eric Stern


May 2014 – Wine Business Monthly

“Using Oak Adjuncts With Barrels”, Curtis Phillips


May 2014 – Wines & Vines

“Growing Into the Estate: M2 Wines goes from warehouse to modern winery in Lodi, Calif.”, Andrew Adams


April 2014 – Wines & Vines

“An Alternative for Every Decision”, Andrew Adams


March/April 2014 – Vineyard & Winery Management

“Best Wine Industry Suppliers 2014”


March/April 2014 – Vineyard & Winery Management

“New Twists on Traditional Barrels”, David Falchek


Issue 86, 2014 – Beer Advocate

“The Great Barrel Race”, Austin L. Ray


February 2014 – Wines & Vines

“Barrel Consistency and Seasoning”, Andrew Adams


January 2014 – North Bay Business Journal

“Napa Cooperage Buys Barrel-Alternatives Maker”, Jeff Quackenbush


January 2014 – Napa Valley Register

“Seguin Moreau Buys Fine Northern Oak”


January 2014 – WineBusiness.com

“Seguin Moreau Acquires Fine Northern Oak”


November 2013 – Thedrinksbusiness.com

“Hobbs marvels at Malbec success story”, Gabriel Savage


August 2013 – Wines & Vines

“Barrel Orders Herald Winery Optimism”, Andrew Adams


August 2013 – WineSpectator.com

“Should I be worried about wine if I have a gluten allergy?”, Esther Mobley


July 2013 – WineBusiness.com

“Inside The Fermenation Process: Seguin Moreau-Designed Innovation For Château Mouton Rothschild”


July 2013 – Wines & Vines

“Building Barrels for Fermentation,” Andrew Adams


March/April 2013 – Vineyard & Winery Management

“Acacia Barrels Offer Alternatives to Oak,” Ted Rieger


March/April 2013 – Vineyard & Winery Management

“Best Wine Industry Suppliers 2013”


March 2013 – Wine Business Monthly

“The California Appellation Series 1983-2013: Paso Robles,” Christopher Sawyer


Winter 2013 – Practical Winery & Vineyard Journal

“Oak Insert Staves: Measuring dose rates for wood pieces,” Andrei Prida & Benoît Verdier


December 2012 – Wines & Vines

“Barrel Quality Control: Coopers continue fight against contamination threat,” Andrew Adams


December 2012 – WineBusiness.com

“Seguin Moreau Napa Cooperage Appoints Marion Ghiringhelli Oak Alternatives Sales Manager”


October 2012 – Rough Cut – Woodworking with Tommy Mac

“Episode 1, Season 3: Coopered Leg Table”


August 2012 – Forbes.com

“How a Small Town in Missouri Became a Manufacturing Oasis,” Ken Sweet


July 2012 – WineBusiness.com

“Seguin Moreau Names Christopher Hansen General Manager”


April 2012 – Wines & Vines

“Eight Questions About Oak Products: Winemakers cater oak type to their wines,” Andrew Adams


January/February 2012 – Mutineer Magazine

“Inside the Barrel,” Brian Kropf


January/February 2012 – Vineyard & Winery Management

“Standard Deviation: Barrel specifications are defined and differentiated by house rules,” Gary Werner


Fall 2011 – Practical Winery & Vineyard Journal

“Barrel-Aged Wines: Olfactory Perception of Oak-Derived Compounds,” Andrei Prida


October 2011 – Chicago Tribune

“Finessing wine in oak: Whether aging or fermenting, it’s all about the barrel,” Bill St. John


October 2011 – Wines & Vines

“Coopers Roll Out Innovations: Water shaping, acacia wood, red wine fermentations and more,” Kerry Kirkham


October 2011 – Wines & Vines

“A Bigger, Better Warehouse: Rock Wall Wine Co. pursues quality in glamour-free facility,” Tim Patterson


September/October 2011 – Vineyard & Winery Management

“Reliable Sources: Cooperages focus on control to stave off variability,” Gary Werner


September 2011 – Wines & Vines

“Barrel Leasing and Cash Flow: How to address your fast-depreciating oak inventory through finance,” Kerry Kirkham


July/August 2011 – Vineyard & Winery Management

“Dusted Valley Vintners’ Outside Advantage,” Gary Werner


July 2011 – Napa Valley Register

“Women for Winesense toast Bastille Day,” Sasha Paulsen


June 2011 – Wines & Vines

“Festive Showcase for B.C. Red Wines,” Peter Mitham


March/April 2011 – Vineyard & Winery Management

“Seguin Moreau introduces the ICÔNE,” Spotlight Digital edition, page 87.


March 2011 – Bay Area News Group

“Napa firm shows the art of making wine barrels,” Jessica Yadegaran, and “The Cooper’s Tale,” audio-visual slideshow, Kristopher Skinnner.


February 2011 – Wines & Vines

“No Bull Bear Market,” Kerry Kirkham


February 2011 – Wines & Vines

“Couture Comes to Cooperage,” Kerry Kirkham


February 2011 – Wine Business Monthly

“ICÔNE Elegance,” Curtis Phillips


January 2011 – Vineyard & Winery Management

“Barrel TCA Risk,” Ted Rieger


January 2011 – Wines & Vines

“Is Barrel TCA the New Cork Taint?”, Tim Patterson


November 2010 – Practical Winery & Vineyard

“Chemical and sensory profiles of barrels heated by immersion prior to bending,” Andrei Prida


September 2010 – American Journal of Enology & Viticulture

“Impact of Oak-Derived Compounds on the Olfactory Perception of Barrel-Aged Wines,” Andrei Prida


September 2010 – Comstock’s Magazine

“Aging Gracefully: An oak by any other name is not just another barrel, ” Robert Celaschi


July 2010 – Wines & Vines

“The Basics of Barrel Selection, ” Jeff Cohn


February 2010 – John Forster


February 2010 – Wines & Vines

“Crafting Château Barrels: Bells, whistles and specific uses in wine development,” Kate Lavin


September 2009 – Wines & Vines

“How French are French barrels?”, Alan Goldfarb


February 2009 – Wines & Vines

“French Forest Stays Consistent,” Alan Goldfarb


August 2008 – Wines & Vines

“Bargain Barrels for ’08 Vintage?”, Paul Franson


April 2008 – Wines & Vines

“Viagra for Barrels: How oak alternatives bring new life to old barrels, add texture in fermentation and spice up neutral tanks,” Paul Franson