ŒNOBLOCK®, or a range of oak wood blocks, ensures consistency and precision of the sensorial profiles in wine.

French Oak:

Untoasted: For early oenological contributions during the winemaking process and/or as a complement to M and M+ models. Rationed doses of untoasted OENOBLOCK® help limit the formation of sulfur compounds and provide a basis for structure and freshness.

Medium: For optimum aromatic complexity, while prioritizing respect for the fruit and softness on the palate

Medium +: Use alone for specific wines and objectives – at a low dosage on white wines or on red wines designed for blending. Or, use in combination with M Toast to develop the wine’s aromatic style into more roasted notes (dosages > 8g/L) or in order to reinforce the intensity of ripe fruit and spicy notes (dosages from 5 to 8 g/L).

American Oak:

Medium +: This toast fully emphasizes white oak’s specific features (higher lactone
intake and lower tannin intake). It is the perfect supplement to French oak, enhancing
the profile’s smoothness and roundness. It is also ideal when working with doses lower
than 5g/L.

For more detailed information, please see the ŒNOBLOCK® pdf.