ŒNOFIRST® is a new product—a compact log—designed for fermentation.

Its unique format, patented by Seguin Moreau, takes up four times less space than a bag of wood shavings of the same weight. Its precise dosage rates provide ease of use during harvest.

The logs’ compact size optimizes transport and storage costs, and limits the amount of oak dust inhaled in the cellar.

This video below demonstrates ŒNOFIRST® use:


Whether via aromatic compounds from raw wood (lactones, eugenol, etc.), or from toasted wood (aromatic aldehydes, furans, etc.), oak has a distinct influence on wine’s aromatic profile, beginning with alcoholic fermentation.

The qualitative and quantitative combination of compounds supplied by oak is complex and a key parameter in the sensory profile towards the end of wine aging and during its shelf-life.

Both ŒNOFIRST® recipes have been calibrated to ensure certain sensory profiles:

R00: 100% untoasted oak
Provides open aromatics and increased structure

R01: Blend of toasted and untoasted oak
Volume and length on the palate

For more detailed information, please see the ŒNOFIRST pdf.