THE ŒNOSTAVE® Collection is:

• A range of 6 products for wine and 4 products for spirits assembled from selected oak staves and tailored to achieve precise, reproducible sensory properties in given types of spirits and wine.
• An array of easy-to-use and innovative winemaking solutions supported by the cutting-edge scientific expertise of the SEGUIN MOREAU technical team.


OENOSTAVE Collection


For more details on the Collection for wine, please see the ŒNOSTAVE Collection pdf.  And for more information on the Collection for spirits, please see the pdf for Rhums and Brandies.

Oak wood is porous. 65% of its volume is occupied by air. Our researchers have demonstrated that immersing oak in wine and spirits can alter its redox potential, as some of the oxygen in the wood dissolves into the liquid.

The SEGUIN MOREAU R&D team took this fact into account in designing the ŒNOSTAVE® Collection, calculating the “O2 index” for each product in the range.

For wine, the management of oxygen (inerting, micro-oxygenation, macro-oxygenation) and its interactions with the wine biomass (lees and macromolecules) are fundamental to the sensory perception of oak. The “O2 index” attributed to each product in the ŒNOSTAVE® Collection thus needs to be kept in mind when planning product insertion operations.