The contact surface between ŒNOSTICK® and the wine is deliberately reduced, due to the cylindrical model, in order to produce wine/wood kinetics that replicate that of the barrel, while retaining the oak impact relayed at the end of aging.

The ŒNOSTICK® Range:

V14: Discreet oak notes that retain the wine’s fundamental fruity expression. Increase in volume with no excessive structuring to preserve roundness and balance on the palate.

V18: Notes of red fruit and along with hints of spice and vanilla. Provides volume and roundness without added tannic sensation.

V22: Ripe fruit aromas and soft oak notes (vanilla, toast). Volume and sweetness with soft and nuanced finish.

Our recommendations for use:

ŒNOSTICK® is more than a practical accessory for vinification, it is part of an oenological process. It can be used in the case of wines to which you wish to bring a finely controlled level of oak. A subtle dosage associated with a slow and gradual extraction helps give a balanced contribution.

For more detailed information, please see the ŒNOSTICK® pdf.