French Oak

French sessile oak (Quercus Petraea) brings a noble structure to wine, with elegance, preserving the fruit and aromas of the wine.

SEGUIN MOREAU’s French oak is Haute Futaie, the tallest trees coming exclusively from the national forests, regulated by the O.N.F. (National Forests Office).

The forests are managed on the principle of annual regeneration, ensuring a consistent supply of sustainable wood.

Selection is carried out tree by tree on poor soil, preferably sandy, for a slow and regular growth. Our wood buyer selects individual trees at 150 to 200 years old, with a diameter of between 50 and 80 cm.

This rigorous selection, results in:

  • A contribution in aromatic components four times richer than the peduncle oak
  • A contribution of subtle yet structuring tannins that respect the fruit
  • A steady oxidation of the wine, due to the grain’s texture, which balances the exchange with the outside atmosphere