Site-specific winemaking and blending

Winemaker Christian Roguenant has a background in Champagne, where he worked for a few years, though he was raised in Burgundy.

He brings together that knowledge from the Old World and then applies it to his winemaking at Baileyana in Edna Valley (California). Christian says:

“I understand the art of blending. And how a lot of different lots blended together really make a more complex wine.”

Clones are treated separately in the vineyard and throughout the process, from picking to yeasts to barrel programs.

He loves how he is able to work with many varied vineyard sites and fruit, encompassing five different clones of Chardonnay and six different clones of Pinot Noir. The clones are respectively picked at different levels of ripeness, and each clone of Chardonnay gets it own canopy management.

From there, yeasts and barrel programs are all tailored to the specific clones as well, before Christian and the winemaking team put together blends.

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