The 2011 Vintage Report recap

Yesterday featured the 2011 Vintage Report, organized by Fruition Sciences in Napa, California and with a keynote by Michel Rolland.

While Northern California continued to wait for rain, many local winemakers, growers, vineyard managers, and industry suppliers met to talk about the past (rainy) harvest.

Among others, notable quotes of the day came from wine consultant & Atelier Melka winemaker Philippe Melka and Silver Oak director of winemaking Daniel Baron. Though paraphrased here, Philippe said, “The 2011 vintage was like a blind date. The key—don’t panic.”

For Daniel, 2011 reminded him of the 1972 vintage. “Most of you weren’t around then. Lots and lots of rain,” he told the crowd. “Lucky for us, we won’t have to experience something like that again for another 40 years.”

Seguin Moreau R&D Manager Andrei Prida joined Steve Price of ETS Laboratories, Dr. Roger Boulton of UC Davis, and Austin Peterson of Ovid Wines, to look at how the harvest shaped fruit composition and finished wines.

Andrei’s presentation, “Predictive model of oak profile in wines. The basis for barrel recommendation,”  was based on research he has done on finding which chemicals are present in wood, and for wine, which sensory-active compounds enhance or suppress particular attributes in wine, say fresh fruit, volume, and structure.

Here’s a snapshot detailing some of the compounds and results:

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